About LPL Financial

Why Use An LPL Financial Advisor?

LPL Financial advisors enjoy the freedom and flexibility to create a wealth management practice that best suits the unique circumstances and objectives of their clients. Because of this, they are free to present suitable and appropriate investments for your life-stage and needs.

While advisors aligned with LPL Financial come from different backgrounds and offer different types of specializations, they all have two things in commone - they're backed by a market leader and they're 100% committed to helping you pursue your long-term financial and life goals.

Benefits for investors:

  • Holistic approach to life planning — No matter where you are in life-just getting started or winding down a successful career, you have goals and dreams. Your advisor engages you in an ongoing conversation about your needs, goals, and objectives, to create the financial plan that's right for you.

  • Passion for providing independent advice — LPL Financial advisors offer tailored strategies designed to manage the needs of your life goals and financial growth. As your LPL Financial advisor, I serve as your financial specialist who is able to tap into  vast resources to provide the objective and unbiased advice you need.

  • An independent investment partner — Your LPL Financial advisor more than likely lives and works in your community. And because your LPL Financial advisor cares as much about your personal satisfaction as the performance of your portfolio, your advisor has access to a wide variety programs and services to help you pursue the life you desire.
In a marketplace that is often complex, you can count on your independent LPL Financial advisor for sound, unbiased guidance and advice. Working one–on–one with your advisor helps provide a strong foundation and the confidence you need to pursue your financial goals.