About Financial Design Group, Inc.

Financial Design Group, Inc., located in the Puget Sound Region, was established in 1994 to help investors address their financial challenges.

We do this by using a total wealth management approach. Each area is important individually, but managing them collectively is one of the most important factors in your overall financial success.

Our approach to investing can help you reduce your exposure to taxes, meet your insurance needs and provide a plan to successfully transfer your wealth to your children and grandchildren.

Our financial planning services & products include:

  • Financial planning—overall review and strategies
  • Retirement Planning—designs to help you address your retirement goals
  • Estate Planning—for preservation of wealth from generation to generation
  • Tax Strategies—to help reduce your tax liabilities
  • Individual Stocks—to provide you with added long-term potential
  • Individual Bonds—to provide a foundation for your portfolio
  • Fixed Annuities— for tax-deferred growth potential