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Grayson Giboney Earns Top Spot on Northwest Nampa University Varsity Golf Squad
When Robert Giboney joined Financial Design Group in 2004, his 2-year-old son Grayson was already an avid golfer.  Over the past 16 years, Grayson has won 125 tournaments, including 4 state championships and 5 district championships. His handicap today is +.2—Wow!  He also holds the distinction of being the youngest golfer to win the Washington State Hickory Open at the age of 13.  In addition to his athletic talents, Grayson is also a scholar, graduating from King’s High School with a GPA of 3.76 and earning a scholarship to Northwest Nampa University.  This year, Grayson has already made the Varsity squad for the NNU Nighthawks and holds the #1 spot as a freshman.  We will be watching Grayson’s career, both golfing and scholastically, with great pleasure and are proud to have been a part of his greater family over the past sixteen years.  


Kiel Walker Reigns as 2019 Queen of Washington Rhinestone Club Debutante Ball
All of us at Financial Design Group are very proud of Kiel Walker, who was named the 2019 Queen of the Washington Rhinestone Club Debutante Ball.  With a 3.8 GPA and her matriculation at Texas Woman’s University, Kiel earned the top honors for 2019.  A fourth-generation debutante, Kiel was awarded a scholarship for her academic excellence, bringing her total scholarship honors to seven.  Kiel became a part of the FDG family at the age of 5, when her mother, Renee Walker, joined our team.  We wish her all the best and are proud to have been a part of her greater family over the past fifteen years.