Financial Planning

The Financial Planning Process: A qualified financial advisor can build long-term strategies that balance your financial objectives and constraints, your time horizon and your tolerance for risk, then measure them against your short-and long-term goals.



Part of a financial advisor's job is to pare down the investment choices to those that fit your parameters. By identifying appropriate options including ones that are difficult to discover on your own and focusing on your objectives, an advisor can save considerable time and effort. As an investment professional, an advisor has a greater understanding of the economy and markets; more time to evaluate financial strategies; and greater access to comprehensive information.

The traditional, linear life planning approach has given way to a more modern approach that involves life cycle planning. Few Americans go through the traditional process of education, followed by years of work, and concluding with a short retirement before passing on. Americans are increasingly planning for education, work, life experiences, work, education, life experiences, work, etc.

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